10 Questions to Ask your Care Provider

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10 QuestionsIf you are expecting your first baby, then you may pleasantly be surprised at the array of professionals ready to help you out. There are birth photographers, massage therapists focusing their entire practice on caring for expecting mothers, and even businesses geared towards encapsulating your placenta.

When it comes to making the decision about which care provider  you choose, there are some key bits of information that will really help you understand if this provider is going to be a good fit for you. In order to help you get started, we came up with  ten questions to ask:



  1. What conditions would cause me to be considered ‘high risk’? How would you treat these conditions before they make me ‘high risk’?
  2. Do you require that I take a childbirth education class?
  3. How often will you see me during the pregnancy and how long is a normal visit?
  4. What do you do during these visits? Where do these visits take place?
  5. How do you monitor and check the baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy and labor?
  6. Are you willing to use alternative protocols for Strep B positive?
  7. Have you had any experience with shoulder dystocia? Breech babies? Cord prolapse?
  8. Under what conditions would you artificially rupture the membranes?
  9.  At what point would you consider the artificial induction of labor?
  10.  What happens if I go past 42 weeks?