Honeybee Doula Services, LLC

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Business Name: Honeybee Doula Services, LLC

Contact: Cynthia Fargo

Address: (None provided)

Telephone: (781) 935-1421

Email: info@honeybeedoulaservices.com

Website: Honeybee Doula Services, LLC

Birth Doula
Prior to birth, meet with a woman or couple 2 or 3 times to build connection and rapport as we discuss expectations, goals and even fears. My role is non-medical, offering encouragement, education and resources. We practice comfort techniques; learning how/where she carries tension prior to the onset of labor building self-confidence and harmony.

My “on call” period is 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after estimated due date and clients can call or text with questions or updates any time. When labor starts, they contact me. Once with an actively laboring client, I will stay with her, providing support until she has given birth.

After baby is born, I will encourage family intimacy and can assist with initial breast-feeding if desired but then withdraw when they are comfortably tucked in and ready for some rest.

Postpartum Doula
I meet with clients before their baby is born to discuss anticipated needs; how often and for how long will need my help. After their baby’s birth, they contact me to set up their first block of time.
I may typically be asked to do as a postpartum doula:

Help mom process the birth, newborn care and nursing cues, caring for baby so parent can shower/nap/spend time with other children, tidy around the house, errands, start the laundry, make some lunch for mom, or just a cup of tea and listen…

Recognizing “normal” allows me to help with newborn care and breastfeeding and be another set of experienced hands that can help in taking some pressure off during this time of enormous transition.

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