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Nom: logiciel hp deskjet 2050 all-in-one j510 series
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In the Help Viewer, click and hold the Home button, and then choose the Help for your device. Find Readme Insert software CD. On software CD locate ReadMe.

Click ReadMe. See the setup poster. Make sure the printer is powered on. The [On button] will be lit green. Make sure the printer is set as your default printing device: Windows 7: From the Windows Start menu, click Devices and Printers.

Make sure that your printer has a check mark in the circle next to it. If your printer is not selected as the default printer, right-click the printer icon and choose Set as Default Printer from the menu. Mac: Installation Troubleshooting If you are unable to print a test page: Make sure the cable connections are secure.

If you are still unable to print, uninstall and reinstall the software: Note: The uninstaller removes all of the HP software components that are specific to the device.

The uninstaller does not remove components that are shared by other products or programs. To uninstall the software: 1. Disconnect the HP product from your computer.


Open the Applications: Hewlett-Packard folder. Double-click HP Uninstaller. Follow the on-screen instructions. If you are still unable to print, or the Windows software installation fails: 1.

Restart the computer. Temporarily disable any software firewall and close any anti-virus software. Restart these programs after the printer software is installed. Do not connect the USB cable until you are told to do so. After the installation finishes, restart the computer. To install the software: 1. Connect the USB cable. Follow the on-screen and the printed setup instructions that came with the HP product. Ink usage Note: Ink from the cartridges is used in the printing process in a number of different ways, including in the initialization process, which prepares the device and cartridges for printing, and in printhead servicing, which keeps print nozzles clear and ink flowing smoothly.

In addition, some residual ink is left in the cartridge after it is used. For more information, see 3 Control panel! When the product is off, a minimal amount of power is still used. To completely remove power, turn off the product and then unplug the power cord.

Increase the number of copies up to 10 by pressing the button multiple times.

Acts as a resume button after resolving print problems. Attention light: Indicates that there is a paper jam, the printer is out of paper, or some event that requires your attention. If the attention light and both cartridge lights blink when you set up the printer, the cartridge carriage might be obstructed. Open cartridge door and make sure that cardboard and blue tape have been removed from inside the printer. Cartridge light: Indicates low ink or a print cartridge problem.

If a cartridge is low on ink, replace the cartridge when print quality is no longer acceptable. If a cartridge light blinks after you install a cartridge, make sure that the pink tape has been removed from the cartridge.

In the US call or visit Canadian customers call or visit Until the HP ink is depleted or the end of warranty date printed on the cartridge has been reached, whichever occurs first. This warranty does not cover HP ink products that have been refilled, remanufactured, refurbished, misused, or tampered with. Extent of limited warranty 1. Hewlett-Packard HP warrants to the end-user customer that the HP products specified above will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the duration specified above, which duration begins on the date of purchase by the customer.

Comment installer HP DESKJET 2050 ALL-IN-ONE J510 series sous Windows 10?

For software products, HP s limited warranty applies only to a failure to execute programming instructions. HP does not warrant that the operation of any product will be interrupted or error free.

HP's limited warranty covers only those defects that arise as a result of normal use of the product, and does not cover any other problems, including those that arise as a result of: a. Improper maintenance or modification; b. Software, media, parts, or supplies not provided or supported by HP; c. Operation outside the product's specifications; d. Unauthorized modification or misuse. For HP printer products, the use of a non-hp cartridge or a refilled cartridge does not affect either the warranty to the customer or any HP support contract with the customer.

However, if printer failure or damage is attributable to the use of a non-hp or refilled cartridge or an expired ink cartridge, HP will charge its standard time and materials charges to service the printer for the particular failure or damage. If HP receives, during the applicable warranty period, notice of a defect in any product which is covered by HP's warranty, HP shall either repair or replace the product, at HP's option.

Télécharger Pilote HP Deskjet 2050 Imprimante Gratuit

If HP is unable to repair or replace, as applicable, a defective product which is covered by HP's warranty, HP shall, within a reasonable time after being notified of the defect, refund the purchase price for the product. HP shall have no obligation to repair, replace, or refund until the customer returns the defective product to HP.

Any replacement product may be either new or like-new, provided that it has functionality at least equal to that of the product being replaced.

HP products may contain remanufactured parts, components, or materials equivalent to new in performance. Contracts for additional warranty services, such as on-site service, may be available from any authorized HP service facility in countries where the product is distributed by HP or by an authorized importer.

Limitations of liability 1. To the extent allowed by local law, the remedies provided in this Warranty Statement are the customer's sole and exclusive remedies. Local law 1.

Pilote Scanner HP Deskjet 2050 J510

This Warranty Statement gives the customer specific legal rights. The customer may also have other rights which vary from state to state in the United States, from province to province in Canada, and from country to country elsewhere in the world. To the extent that this Warranty Statement is inconsistent with local law, this Warranty Statement shall be deemed modified to be consistent with such local law. Under such local law, certain disclaimers and limitations of this Warranty Statement may not apply to the customer.

For example, some states in the United States, as well as some governments outside the United States including provinces in Canada , may: a. Preclude the disclaimers and limitations in this Warranty Statement from limiting the statutory rights of a consumer e.

Otherwise restrict the ability of a manufacturer to enforce such disclaimers or limitations; or c. Grant the customer additional warranty rights, specify the duration of implied warranties which the manufacturer cannot disclaim, or allow limitations on the duration of implied warranties. You may have additional statutory rights against the seller based on your purchase agreement. Those rights are not in any way affected by this HP Limited Warranty.

Puede encontrar cualquier otra información del producto en los archivos electrónicos Ayuda y Léame.

La ayuda electrónica incluye instrucciones para el uso de funciones del producto y la solución de problemas. También ofrece las especificaciones del producto, avisos legales e información medioambiental, regulatoria y de asistencia técnica. Español Instalar ayuda electrónica Para instalar la ayuda electrónica, introduzca el CD del software en su equipo y siga las instrucciones que aparecen en la pantalla.

En el Visor de ayuda, mantenga pulsado el botón Inicio y, a continuación elija la ayuda para su dispositivo. Encontrar el archivo Léame Inserte el CD de software. En el CD de software localice ReadMe. Haga clic en ReadMe. Consulte el póster de instalación. Compruebe que la impresora esté encendida. Windows Vista : En la barra de tareas de Windows, haga clic en Inicio, haga clic en Panel de control y, a continuación, haga clic en Impresoras. Compruebe que junto a la impresora hay una marca de verificación dentro de un círculo negro.

Si sigue sin poder imprimir o el software Windows genera un error de instalación: 1. Reinicie el equipo.

Desactive temporalmente el cortafuegos y cierre el software antivirus. Reinicie estos programas una vez que haya instalado el software de la impresora.

No conecte el cable USB hasta que se le indique. Una vez haya acabado la instalación, reinicie el equipo. Windows 7 es una marca comercial o marca comercial registrada de Microsoft Corporation en EE. Si sigue sin poder imprimir, desinstale y vuelva a instalar el software: Nota: El programa de desinstalación elimina los componentes del software HP específicos del dispositivo.

El programa de desinstalación no elimina los componentes compartidos por otros productos o programas. Para desinstalar el software: 1. Desconecte el producto HP del equipo.

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Abra la carpeta Aplicaciones: Carpeta Hewlett-Packard. Haga doble clic en Desinstalador HP. Siga las instrucciones que aparecen en pantalla. Para instalar el software: 1.

Conecte el cable USB. Siga las instrucciones de la pantalla y las instrucciones de instalación suministradas con el producto HP. Asimismo, parte de la tinta residual se queda en el cartucho después de utilizarlo. Aunque el producto esté apagado, sigue utilizando una cantidad mínima de alimentación. Para un apagado completo, apague el producto y desenchufe el cable de alimentación. Éste funciona como botón de reanudación tras la resolución de problemas de impresión.

Luz de atención: indica que se ha producido un atasco de papel, que la impresora se ha quedado sin papel o que algo necesita su atención. Pulse Iniciar copia negro o Iniciar copia color para reanudar.

Luz del cartucho: Indica poca tinta o un problema del cartucho de impresión. En EE. Alcance de la garantía limitada 1. Bloqué Il est fort probable que ce logiciel soit malveillant ou qu'il contienne un logiciel indésirable. Pourquoi ce logiciel n'est-il plus disponible dans notre catalogue? D'après notre système d'analyse, nous avons déterminé que ces indicateurs sont susceptibles d'être vraiment positifs.

Il convient de souligner qu'il peut nous arriver de ne pas détecter un logiciel potentiellement malveillant. Pour être en mesure de continuer à vous garantir un catalogue de programmes et d'applications sans logiciels malveillants, notre équipe a intégré une fonctionnalité de logiciel de rapport dans chaque page du catalogue qui nous renvoie vos commentaires. Signalez tout problème particulier que vous pourriez rencontrer et Softonic s'engage à y remédier dans les plus brefs délais.

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