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Passionate about innovation and problem solving, he is working with the engineering team to try and innovate on core Dashlane technologies. Guillaume also has a strong focus on security, and helps to ensure that Dashlane's zero-knowledge architecture, which protects Dashlane user data, is always up-to-date. At Dashlane, Emmanuel oversees a global team of more than in New York, Paris, and Lisbon, dedicated to solving the digital identity crisis by giving people greater control over how they store and share data and transact online.

Emmanuel has steered the business from its inception in into one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America while developing Dashlane into a solution that has earned more than 50, five-star reviews across the iOS and Android app stores. Emmanuel brings to Dashlane more than 20 years of experience across the technology, cybersecurity, and media industries.

He's also very very fond of Irish music and after-work drinks with colleagues. He worked in video game QA for four years, and earned degrees in education and sports management — as well as black belts in judo, lutte-contact, and Krav Maga. Later in life he plans to open a zoo, but he's starting with a terrarium and a chameleon first.

When he is not building financial models to forecast our great future he is making sure that our conversion team is making Dashlane more profitable every day. When he's not building our iPad and iPhone apps, he's busy being a dad. He studied at the University of Silesia in his native Poland but has spent most of his career in the UK.

His side gig involves a lot of traveling, taking photos, and Instagramming. A Parisian native, he earned his engineering degree from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne.

A Linux and open-source fan, he likes playing old and indie computer games like World of Goo. Originally from Miami Beach, he traded the beach and a year round summer for a life of apartments and changing seasons. When he's not writing code or learning new things, he's most likely skateboarding uptown, in Brooklyn, or at Tompkins Square Park. In his spare time you can also find him painting, having drinks at Dashies, watching Seinfeld, or hanging with his black cat Phillie, aka Deepy.

He studied Film post-production in the UK and keeps working on indie films in his spare time.

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The impala is his favorite animal. Before he was working at a web startup in Lyon, where he also studied at INSA Lyon, until he decided to come in Paris for new challenges. He created Fhacktory www. When he is not in front of a computer, he's training for long trail running competitions. But he's often in front of a computer. But after falling in love with Paris she decided to stay to join Dashlane as a Product Marketing Manager.

He can speak Mandarin and is passionate about Asian cultures and languages, but decided to come back to France and follow another one of his passions by joining a Web startup. He loves challenging himself and diversifying his skills while discovering the special energy and unique working environment that startups can offer!

With a penchant for building businesses and a deep understanding of trends, Andrew joined Dashlane to stimulate growth and increase market share. Andrew is data driven, automation oriented, and relentlessly resourceful. Prior to that, Andrew was a stockbroker at a boutique investment firm where he built a book of business from scratch and brought in 6-figure gross revenues per annum.

Andrew graduated with a B. One summer between semesters, Andrew built a scintillation counter to detect and measure cosmic particles. He is a man of principles who follows his heart and never backs down when facing a challenge. He is passionate about video games, cinema, cars especially American muscle cars! Always ready for an adventure, he went to Japan, spent two years in South Korea, worked for a luxury hotel, has joined Dashlane looking for new challenges and has saved the Princess of Hyrule many times along the way!

Always willing to help, he is the one to call when you are in trouble or if you want to be taught how to play Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

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Kisco with wife Erica and newborn son Everett. Andrew is looking forward to finding ways to make Dashlane a more outstanding operation than it already is.

Passionate about computers since he was a kid, he obviously spends a lot of his time coding or playing video games. When he's not at the keyboard he loves spending time with his family and playing with his 1-year-old daughter.

He also enjoys running, skiing, traveling and salsa dancing. She comes with strong experience having created and managed customer support for more than 10 years, at companies such as Cloudwatt and Pixmania. She's also familiar with start-up environments where she started her carrier working for a great success story, Musiwave, eventually acquired by Microsoft.

Anne-Sophie is passionate about traveling, meeting people and new cultures. She is a real foodista and loves sharing moments around a nice glass of French wine!

This ISIT graduate won a silver Flickr for one of her photographs, she claims her husband fell in love with her when he heard her sing in a rock band, and she can speak three different languages without any accent or so she says! Raising sheep on a farm in Scotland.

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These days, Stewart leads the customer success team for Dashlane Business to ensure rollouts are successful and admins have a resource within Dashlane to act as their voice. A graduate of the University of Florida, Stewart enjoys fighting the good fight and getting things done for his clients.

Now based in Brooklyn, Stewart is a smart-home enthusiast with a knack for at-home project management and multifunctional spaces and furniture. After becoming a Software Engineer at Google, he worked at another startup providing big data solutions.

She followed her passion for new places, experiences, and adventure right to NYC, when she moved here all by herself 11 years ago. Other than working for the best password manager in the world, Gili enjoys going to concerts and Broadway shows, watching ridiculous reality tv, and most of all being a mom to her two cute boys! Together with her team, Gili is excited to achieve the best customer support and service platform we can provide to our users!

He is eager to learn, innovate and have fun with his team, so that Engineering can efficiently support the Dashlane business and offer the best service to Dashlane users. Outside of work, he always keeps very busy, being the proud father of 3 daughters.

He needs his frequent dose of sport, as he likes to practice French boxing and trail running. Passionate about his work, he's also a plane pilot first flight alone being at age 14 and an amateur photographer.

He pesters everyone until even the tiniest risks are eradicated He enjoys finding vulnerabilities he did that for almost all the French Top 40 companies for fifteen years , good whiskey, boats, guitars and spending time with his daughters.

He is specialized in Enterprise 2. He gradually went towards user support during a particular mission that highly needed it, and gradually grew passionate with it to a point where he would regularly create tutorials for some of his friends in need of assistance. In the less professional part, Thibault is a born gamer but would never play a game of League of Legends alone , a music lover He will listen to anything that has a melody, and even more if the sound comes from a wooden instrument.

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He also plays the guitar and Djumbee for those who would want to jam. He started his career in strategic consulting with The Parthenon Group then moving to venture capital with Upfront Ventures previously, Global Retail Partners. He is originally from Belgium, which explains his French skills, love of food and dry sense of humour, which he complements with an affinity for Scotch and great wine.

He lives in Long Island with his wife and two children with whom he shares his passions for cooking, jazz, contemporary art and scuba diving.

Prior to joining Dashlane he spent 5 years at a Tech Staffing agency in Paris where he helped a wide portfolio of startups including Dashlane, software editors, large companies and banks to hire the best tech talent in Paris. Eric is a chtimi from the north of France so he grew up with French fries, smelly cheese and Belgian beers. When he is not making noisy phone calls, Eric loves to ride the Parisian streets on his skateboard, cook food for friends and debate about silly things!

Before joining Dashlane, he has been a software engineer in many start-ups and, for a time, even a web marketing consultant. When not traveling to Japan, or playing video games, Thierry spends time as a volunteer, writing and teaching about web development. She graduated from the French engineering school Supélec, where she specialized in Machine Learning. During her free time, she watches Japanese animation, and plays indie games on Linux! She also practices Aikido, and plays the flute and the piano.

After graduating from Binghamton University with a B. More recently, he has begun to dabble in machine learning in his quest to never stop acquiring knowledge. Outside of work, Rob enjoys playing basketball, golfing, snowboarding, cooking spicy butternut squash soup is his specialty , binge watching TV shows, and spending time with family and friends.

He decided to leave the warm weather of Melbourne and come back to Paris to be closer to his family. Having experience of three and a half years in automation and development, he automates the testing process at Dashlane. He loves to hike, travel and explore new places, and at some point in time he wishes to dedicate his full-time to an NGO to make earth a greener destination.

3 ya el badala

As a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, Perry found his second calling to make things for the web. As a Front End Developer at Dashlane, he brings a variety of experiences from previous work in the nonprofit and agency worlds.

When not logging hours in his code editor, you can probably find Perry either drinking tea, watching Next Generation episodes, or playing bass in various bands around NYC. After a short stint on the football team at UC Davis, Mat transferred to University of Miami in Florida where he graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Psychology.

After catching the start-up bug from his various internships in college, Mat began working for Okta in San Francisco after graduation. Écoutez SoundCloud, la musique hors connexion et la radio FM, même lorsque l'écran est éteint. Pas besoin de télécharger la musique : utilisez le streaming pour lire instantanément vos chansons préférées issues d'un catalogue musical gratuit et illimité. Ecoutez de la musique gratuite découverte par l'intelligence artificielle, avec des playlists personnalisées à votre goût.

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